Why you shouldn't use alias for email warming

Why you can't use alias for the Sales.Rocks Email Warmer

Some of our Sales.Rockers had questions concerning email warming and email aliases 💡
So we put up this quick guide to help clear a couple of things.

TLDR; Can I warm up my email alias? 🤔
The short answer is NO 😞, but bear with us as we explain why you shouldn’t.

What is email warming? 🌡️

The process of warming up your new or less active email accounts is to simulate sending emails and receiving replies every day over a period of several weeks so that their domain reputation can grow. This is done because email account providers like Google have restrictions in place concerning new accounts used for spamming unaware recipients. Even if you created a new account for the purpose of sending a large number of relevant emails in a short amount of time, it will get flagged by Google and other email providers, (Outlook is notoriously strict with their email filtering).

Google also has a daily limit for Gmail and G Suite accounts:
Gmail accounts can send 500 emails per day.
G Suite accounts can send 2000 emails per day.

How does our Email Warmer work? 👇

When you want to warm up your email, you’ll need to connect your email with Sales.Rocks by setting up a SMTP/IMAP connection so your email can receive and send emails during the warm up. After that you go through the settings process where you configure the daily email ramp-up limit and schedule when you would like the email warming to begin.

Check out the step by step guide for detailed instructions.

Now that you better understand email warming, let’s dive into the topic of an email alias.

What is an email alias? 🧠

An email alias acts as a forwarding email address that sends received emails to an existing email address. Also it is important to mention that an email alias has no inbox and no specific email account information. So, you can see the technical limitations of a using an email alias for email campaigns.

An email alias can come in handy for an internal mailing list or for smaller teams where one person can have several different positions to cover for example support@sales.rocks, sales@sales.rocks, marketing@sales.rocks.

Can I warm up my alias? 👥

You have to connect your email for the warm up through an SMTP/IMAP configuration, so the Email Warmer can send and receive warm up emails and track those emails for bounces and whether the emails end up in the inbox or spam.

Since an email alias has no inbox and is not an actual email account, serving only as a forwarding address, warming up an alias it’s not possible as forwarding and custom labeling prevent the Email Warmer from tracking the sent emails.

Another thing to consider, since an alias is using the same domain as the main email account just under a different name, warming up the main email account may also reflect the effect on the email alias.

Happy Warming on your actual accounts 😉

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