What kind of Data can be processed?

What kind of Data can be processed?

The Sales.Rocks platform processes data based on different filters. For example, with the Company Search product you can use filters including basic company information such as name, location, URL, general email, employee size, industry, turnover and much more. With Contact Search product, you can filter contacts from company decision makers in different industries.

At Sales.Rocks, we are GDPR compliant. We use in-house technology, i.e. processing publicly available information to the extent legally permitted under applicable law. 

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    • How much data is processed in a month on average?

      We process just as much data as we need to complete the services we offer to our clients, depending on the order, but it does not exceed the legal regulations of GDPR. ​
    • How do we process the data and where is it held?

      We process the data legitimately and it is held by our Amazon Web Services (AWS) data center in Frankfurt, Germany. In turn, AWS themselves are fully GDPR compliant.
    • Save and (Bulk) download/unlock data

      Hey Sales.Rocky, confused a bit on how to access our data? ? Let's go over the process step by step ⬇️ According to the type of data you need, open Company Search or Contact Search, by clicking on Find Companies/Contacts ✔️ Set the filters by your ...
    • How often is the data updated?

      Sales.Rocks data is updated every 3-6 months which significantly minimizes the amount of outdated information. The data you receive is always fresh and up-to-date
    • Is the Data Collection and Processing Legal?

      The EU was tired of giant Internet companies collecting tons of consumer data and then misusing it. In order to fix this issue, they created the GDPR. It is a set of new EU regulations that specify exactly how companies should manage personal data. ...