Email Verifier tool

Email Verifier tool

1. What is the Email Verifier?

If you have emails for which you are not sure whether they reach the person you need to get in contact with, just run your email list through our Email Verifier feature and we will let you know their full diagnosis 🧪
What does it do? 🤔 Multiple checks in order to deliver the best and most accurate results, such as:  
  1. Checks whether the email is in the correct Format
  2. Checks the Type - whether the email is private or professional 
  3. Checks whether it’s a Disposable email (a throwaway one)
  4. Checks the Email provider
  5. Checks whether the email has a Catch full Inbox (a catch-all email policy enabled)
  6. Checks the Email Status - valid or invalid
  7. Checks if the email server can be reached
  8. Checks if the email is connected to an active domain (MX records)

2. How to use the Email Verifier

There are 2 options to verify your emails:
  1. Individual Email Verification
  2. Bulk Email Verification

2.1. Individual Email Verification

 If you have just a few emails to check, then the Individual Email Verification is the right thing for you! 
Start with entering the email, choose the Email Verifier you prefer and click on Verify ⬇️

⬇️      ⬇️      ⬇️

2.2. Bulk Email Verification

If you have a bunch of emails to check, then click on the "+ New Bulk Verification" button!
Start by typing a name and selecting an Email Verifier tool for your verification ⬇️

Next, choose the source of your emails:
  1. By Textbook, where you can type in the emails you'd like to be checked

  1. By uploading an Excel (CSV) file

  1. By Google Sheets URL

If you choose the last, make sure that the link is publicly available (shareable - viewer or editor):

Next, you'll get a preview of: the number of available emails, whether any duplicates or incorrect formats of emails were found

Once the verification process is done and your verified file is ready for download, you'll receive an email notification on the email you choose.

To download your processed file, please navigate to "Email Verifier" and click exactly on the Order Number of the list you need:

You'll be able to choose which types of the verified emails you'd like to download (All, Valid, Invalid, Catch-All), then click on "Download results":

Note: You DO NOT need to use the Email Verifier to check the status of the data you’ve downloaded from the Sales.Rocks platform, since we guarantee about the quality of our data 😎 The Email Verifier is a complementary tool, meant to help you verify emails which you might have downloaded from another data provider or found somewhere online.

Check here 👀 for more detail on the Credit Usage within the Sales Toolkit!

We hope this guide is useful and makes using this tool much easier 🧡

If there is anything left unclear, always feel free to reach out to 📧

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