Save and (Bulk) download/unlock data

Save and (Bulk) download/unlock data

Hey Sales.Rocky, confused a bit on how to access our data? 🥴
Let's go over the process step by step ⬇️
  1. According to the type of data you need, open Company Search or Contact Search, by clicking on Find Companies/Contacts ✔️
  2. Set the filters by your preferences and click on "Start Search" ✔️
  3. Once you filter the data you need, next to the "Company Info/Name" column (depending on whether you use Company/Contact Search), click on the blue arrow for "Selection Criteria" ⬇️

    Choose whether you'd like to:
    1. Select only the companies/contacts from the search page you're currently on
    2. Select all companies/contacts within the field you're in (All Results, Locked Results, Unlocked Results)
    3. Select a number of companies/contacts of your preference, within the field you're in

After selecting, click on "Apply Selection".

Next, select what you'd like to do with this data. Click on "Actions" and select from: 

  1. Add the found companies/contacts to a List (a new or already existing one). If you do this, the file will be available in "My Lists" within the Company/Contact Search dropdown menu. Click on the name of the list to open the saved data, select the data you need, then click on "Actions" (as mentioned previously) and choose what you'd like to do with this data.
    If you choose to download the selected data to an Excel file, it will also Bulk unlock all data profiles.
  2. Unlock the selected companies/contacts directly. If you do so, these companies won't be saved to a list, but they will always be available in the "Unlocked Results" list (within the "Find Companies/Contacts" field), regardless of your search criteria.
  3. Export the selected companies/contacts directly to an Excel file. If you do so, you can find the file ready for download in the "My Exports" field, within the "Company/Contact Search" drop down menu. All the selected profiles for download will also be bulk unlocked.
  4. Add the selected companies directly to a campaign
  5. Export the companies directly to a CRM you're using, if you've integrated your CRM with the Sales.Rocks platform
Note: The maximum amount of data that you can save per list is 100k data profiles❗ 

Note: The amount of data you can download per month depends on your monthly credit balance❗
Find here 👀 all the Credit Usage articles for each of the modules.

Feeling better? We thought so 🧡