How many email accounts (and domains) can you set-up?

How many email accounts (and domains) can you set-up?

This depends on the subscription package you've chosen, for example:
  1. If you've purchased a package for 1 User ➡️ you can set-up 5 email accounts
  2. If you've purchased a package for 2 Users ➡️ you can set-up 10 email accounts
  3. If you've purchased a package for 3 Users ➡️ you can set-up 15 email accounts etc.
Basically, it depends on how many users you have a purchased account for, therefore (a little maths):
Number of Users x 5 = Number of Email Accounts you can set-up 🥴

Note: The email accounts you'll set-up DO NOT need to have the same domain or be from the same email provider. 

Here is a guide on how to set-up your email accounts 👀

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