Credit Usage in Campaigns, Image Editor and Warmer

Credit Usage in Campaigns, Image Editor and Warmer

No credits are spent for sending out emails or using the Drip Campaigns in any way EXCEPT when using the personalization option with the Image Editor. 

Therefore, for every opened email that contains your personalized image, 1 Sales Toolkit credit will be deducted. That means, if you've sent your email to 50 people, but 30 of them opened it, 30 Sales Toolkit credits will be deducted.

Note:  If your credits are spent in the meantime, the next customer that will open your email ❗WON'T be able to see the personalized image❗

No credits are needed for using the Email Warmer!

Check here 👀 for more info on other limitations within the Drip Campaigns! 

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