Credit Usage for Bulk Extractor

Credit Usage for Bulk Extractor

Feeling confused about what all those credits mean and how you can use them? 🥴
Good news - it's a piece of cake! 🍰

Important notice: Even though the Bulk Extractor is part of the Sales Toolkit, it does not use the Sales Toolkit credits. The balance of Sales Toolkit credits is spent only verifying emails and phone numbers!

For the Bulk Extractor ➡️ 1 Company or Contact Search credit is used for enrichment of 1 data profile (1 data line). This depends on whether you're doing enrichment of company or contact profiles.
Example: If you upload a file of 50 Company Domains and would like to enrich the list with Company Profiles according to the domains, it will cost 50 Company Search credits which means ➡️ 1 Credit per 1 enriched Company Profile.
If you upload a file with 50 domains and want Contact Profile enrichment, it will cost 50 Contact Search credits ➡️ 1 Credit per Contact Profile. If you'd like more contacts per company, it will take additional 1 credit per each additional contact. 

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