Connect your LinkedIn profile

Connect your LinkedIn profile

Hey Sales.Rockies 👋

If you wish to connect LinkedIn to Sales.Rocks and set up automated LinkedIn actions, check out the simple steps below for a smooth start ⬇️

1. Log in to your Sales.Rocks account.

2. Navigate to My Configurations towards the bottom of the platform Menu.

3. Click on the LinkedIn Configurations tab, and then click on the HUGE + sign Add new LinkedIn Configuration
If you have 2FA set up, please turn it OFF ⚠️

4. Enter your LinkedIn Profile email and your LinkedIn password.

5. Click the Connect button.

6. Enter the PIN code that was sent to the email you entered for the LinkedIn connection.

You're done ✔️

Check here 👀 for connection limitations! 
Check here 👀 how to set up your first LinkedIn campaign!

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