Are there limitations within the Drip Campaigns?

Are there limitations within the Drip Campaigns?

Short answer ➡️ Not really, but Fair Usage Policy applies 😇

Long answer: 
  1. There is no limitation from our side on how many emails you can send per day in general, if they're sent out from different email accounts and in different campaigns.
  2. In the case of limitations for emails per day within one campaign and from one email account: We suggest that you send 40 or less emails per day, because your email provider (Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook etc.) has daily limitations which if surpassed, they will mark you as a spammer and block your account. However, Sales.Rocks does not have a strict limit for this case, so we leave it up to you whether you'll take our advice or take the risk to be blocked. 
  3. There is no limitation on how many contacts you'll use per campaign.
  4. There is no limitation on how many campaigns you'll create per day or in general.
  5. Please check here 👀 for credit usage within the Drip Campaigns 
Check the Email Warmer feature and how you can use it in order to "warm-up" your email account for better delivery rate (more emails to Inbox, less in Spam) 🔥 

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      No credits are spent for sending out emails or using the Drip Campaigns in any way EXCEPT when using the hyper-personalization option. For every Image or Video personalization within your emails ➡️ 1 credit is deducted from the Sales Toolkit credit ...
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      Our Drip Campaigns are triggered sequences of Emails and LinkedIn actions, which are sent on a pre-defined schedule and standards/conditions by you to your targeted prospects in order to achieve your outreach goal 
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      Hey Sales.Rockies 
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      Before any subscription is made, you'll need to create a Sales.Rocks account first, which makes you a Freemium user after the registration ✔️ We have different User & Credits packages for all company sizes, types and targets, by offering ⬇️ Quarterly ...
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      You can always check the status of your campaigns by navigating to the "Drip Campaigns" dropdown ➡️ "My Campaigns": Before you continue ➡️Check here